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Music Lessons

Don't Miss the Chance to Nourish Your Child's Growth

We believe every child deserves a chance to grow musically.  Most music students are not going to grow up to be professional musicians, but they are going to GROW through the study of music in countless other ways. At OnStage, we make it a point to make sure they have fun doing it!!!

Here are some of the things your child could be missing out on...

  • Music enhances the process of learning by simultaneous engagement of senses, muscles, and cognitive skills.

  • Music cultivates skills that are useful throughout life for both children and adults.  Some examples include concentration, coordination, perseverance, self-confidence and esteem as well as relaxation. 

  • Students of music and the arts have higher grades, better standardized test scores, and are more active in the community as documented by many studies from higher level institutions.

  • Music helps to broaden a child's understanding and appreciation of the world.

  • The adjustment decisions involved in the performance of a musical instrument for tempo, tone, style, rhythm, and phrasing train the brain to be good at organizing and conducting numerous activities at once.  Being able to synergistically combine elements is a critical skill in today's job environment.

  • Music is a language that brings people together.  No matter what your native tongue happens to be, one can share thoughts and feelings with music.